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Autonomic Resources and Akamai have teamed up to offer a catalog of powerful cloud offerings to the US Federal Government. Together, we bring offerings with top security compliance and cutting-edge cloud technology. 

Akamai operates the world’s largest and most successful Content Delivery Network (CDN), operational since 1998, supporting over 3,400 customers and 135,000 domains. Akamai is a profitable and financially stable company with over $1.35 billion in revenues (Check Akamai Financials), providing financial stability for both continued operations and investments in future growth and technology trends. Akamai has extensive experience delivering information over the Web and DNS securely for:

  • All Branches of the U.S. Military
  • All Civilian Cabinet Agencies of the US Government
  • All top 60 eCommerce Sites
  • All top 30 Media and Entertainment companies
  • All of the major anti-virus companies


Akamai’s value propositions described below provides a unique differentiator to and complements a bidder’s infrastructure and hosting solutions. Akamai understands the technical requirements and is pleased to propose a unique cloud based solution to provide:

  • IPv6 Support:  To meet the September 2012 OMB Mandate for an agency’s to delivery websites over IPv6,
  • 100% availability: Akamai provides a 100% service and content availability of its services SLA,
  • Resource offload: Cache content in Akamai’s Content Delivery Network to provide bandwidth and resource offload to your datacenter ranging from (~75-90% Offload),
  • Scalability On-demand:  Leverage Akamai’s deployment of 129,000 globally distributed servers residing on well over 1,100 ISP networks, in more than 2,100 locations to scale to meet any flash crowd, and
  • Performance:  Akamai provides a 20% faster within North America and at least 50% globally SLA


Check out some of the features from Akamai below:

Akamai Intelligent Platform

Dynamic Site Accelerator (DSA)

Kona Site Defender

Luna Control Center

Akamai Service & Support

Project Management

Our experience has enabled us to offer management in getting services into the cloud. Let our experienced Project Managers help

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System Administration

Sometimes it's easier to just give someone your end goals and let them accomplish it.

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Akamai Summary

Autonomic Resources and Akamai have teamed up to offer a catalog of powerful cloud offerings to the US Federal Government.

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