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ARCWRX-M, or ARCWRX-Mobile, is built on Red Hat's Mobile Application Platform. This FedRAMP compliant mobile application development platform leverages both ARCWRX & ARC-P to help get more done. Building these cloud based applications are easy utilizing Node.js & Express.


ARCWRX-M Features

MBaaS Integration

Mobile Backend as a Service, that's easy to create and increases efficiency and productivity by providing backend connections that can be reused.


Be flexible, use a wide range of open source technologies, toolkits, Node.js, and more. Foster innovation, development and deployment.


Things are better together, with role-based access and life-cycle management, take effective collaboration to the next level with team members all around the globe.


Security is top priority, our ARCWRX-M platform is FedRAMP authorized, increasing the integrity of mobile app development and integration with government systems.
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