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We enable agencies to implement external cloud access with CAC/PIV cards to address important security and compliance issues including:

  • Securing elevated-privilege accounts and controlling privileged user access to systems, regardless of where systems reside
  • Controlling access to the cloud assets including consoles, and enforcing separation of duties for these ultimate superuser resources.
  • Monitoring and recording console sessions
  • Vaulting and managing the keys, credentials, and passwords required for access to administrative accounts and consoles
  • Enabling PIV/CAC-based strong authentication for system administrators with elevated rights, without requiring changes in the way legacy systems currently handle passwords and shared accounts
  • Enabling PIV/CAC-based authentication for management console users
  • Allowing organizations to positively identify privileged users and track the actions they take, even if they are using shared accounts (e.g., root accounts)
  • Complying with FISMA mandates, including new and updated controls in NIST SP 800-53 R4.

ARC-P Features

Below are some of our features offered with ARC-P, click on a feature to learn more.
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Get ARC-P the way you want!

ARC-P is available in the following configurations.

Government Community

Our traditional IaaS service offering. 


Offering a dedicated IaaS offering.


Offers the same ARC-P Cloud, but located at your desired site.


This provides the option to have a small footprint at your local site and integrated with other options listed above.


*Please note pricing & some features may not be identical in all configurations.

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