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Autonomic Resources, a CSRA company, is an innovative cloud services company serving US Government Civilian, Department of Defense, federal contractors and government services firms.

Autonomic Resources delivers secure, cost effective cloud services in the forms of Iaas, PaaS and SaaS. As the first ever accredited cloud service under FedRAMP and DoD standards, ARC-P, is a premium IaaS cloud service backed by industry-leading, fully managed cloud services of CSRA.


Security & Compliance

Autonomic Resources only employs cleared staff at the MBI level or higher with key staff holding DoD SECRET or TOP SECRET clearances. ARC-P™ data centers are CONUS located with no data or systems located outside the US. ARC-P™ is a US Government only, IaaS cloud system that was purpose built from the ground up to meet US Government cloud computing and security control requirements. There is no commercial tenancy in ARC-P™. 


ARC-P Cloud Services Offerings

  • ARC-P™ Government Community Cloud (GCC)
  • ARC-P™ Government Private Cloud (GPC)
  • ARC-P™ Secure Data Center (SDC)

The Autonomic Resources Cloud Platform (ARC-P™) was one of four cloud IaaS systems granted a government-wide Authority to Operate (ATO) at the FISMA Moderate Impact Level in December 2011 under the GSA IaaS BPA. ARC-P™ was accepted for Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) processing in July 2012 and received the first ever ATO issued by the FedRAMP Joint Authorization Board (JAB) in December 2012. In April of 2013, ARC-P™ received the first Department of Defense Provisional Authorization at Impact Level 2. In July of 2015, the ARC-P™ system was invited to participate in the FedRAMP HIGH baseline pilot, resulting in one of three initial FedRAMP JAB issued HIGH baseline ATO’s. 


Security Consulting Services


Take advantage of our security experience and expertise! Autonomic Resources offers security consulting and services based on our experience and success with both FedRAMP and Agency A&A authorizations and ongoing continuous monitoring. We offer a full range of security consulting and services including:

  • FedRAMP & Agency A&A Security Package Development
  • Virtual ISSO Services
  • Continuous Monitoring as a Service
  • Environment/system scanning and reporting

Whether you need help with your initial security package or assistance maintaining ongoing patch and compliance with your system or application, we have the experienced resources and systems to assist. Contact us for additional information on how we can help you achieve and maintain your ATO. We’ll tailor a solution to meet your needs and budget.


Autonomic understands the importance and mission-critical nature of the cloud services we provide to our government customers.  As such, we provide incident and problem management services including a 24x7 x365 service desk to identify, track and resolve issues.  We provide a variety of methods and formats for engaging our support services.

Support requests may be opened by calling our Service Desk/Help Desk, emailing our Support Team or by opening a ticket 24x7 via our web based Support Portal. Additional support services include: 

  • 24x7 x365 CONUS only support for critical issues involving Production environments
  • Active monitoring and management of incident ticket queues
  • Root cause analysis for all critical events
  • Problem and event management
  • A knowledge base repository 
  • A web based Support Portal with ticket history and ticket status available 24x7  

Personalized Support 

Our personalized support services are what differentiate us in the marketplace!  Each customer account is assigned a designated Customer Advocate which serves as the main point of contact for all your cloud needs, from initial on-boarding throughout your cloud tenancy. 



To ensure services are available for our clients, ARC-P, maintains multiple data centers in geographically dispersed locations with an inherent disaster recovery strategy included as part of our standard service offering.  This allows ARC-P to maintain a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and a Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of 60 minutes in the case of a drastic redundant failure.  Most single failure scenarios allow for instant or near instant recovery with little to no downtime.  


Our online Cloud Provisioning Portal empowers users to manage their cloud resources through a user-friendly web interface offering full self-service capabilities to deploy, configure, maintain and scale resources as needed.

The Provisioning Time Objective (PTO) for deploying new virtual machines (VMs) is dependent on the size of the machine being provisioned, however, a typical VM can be provisioned in less than 5 minutes.


Bandwidth Capabilities between VMs 

Autonomic provides Internet bandwidth at the minimum of 100Mbps, which can be increased to 1Gbps when needed.



Autonomic Resources utilizes two CONUS only data centers with a significant geographical distance of over 600 miles, one in Atlanta, Georgia and another in Ashburn, Virginia utilizing diverse interconnect routes between the two data centers.  These facilities meet FedRAMP guidelines for FISMA High security requirements.

  • Atlanta, Georgia – Our Atlanta IBX Data Center is comprised of 3 buildings with more than 58,000 square feet of colocation space.
  • Ashburn, Virginia – Our Washington, DC Data Center is comprised of 10 buildings with more than 478,000 square feet of colocation space, located in Ashburn and Vienna, Virginia.
  • Bossier City, Louisiana – Coming Soon
  • Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina – Coming Soon



Autonomic Resources Cloud Platform (ARC-P) Government Community, and Private Cloud is a FedRAMP accredited high availability solution with 99.9% uptime. 


Hardware Components: 

Feature Current
  Max Instance Size   16 vCPU & 64 GB RAM
  Max number of virtual disks per instance   Bundled OS disk, plus 6 virtual disks
  Max virtual disk size   1 TB
  Virtual disk types   Standard disks with regional disaster        recover. Archival disks with regional    disaster recovery.
  Regions   Southeast
  Customer Virtual Network Isolation Method    Customer network isolation is enforced at   layer 2
  vCPU Type   3 Ghz IvyBridge
  Virtual disk export   Self-Service in IaaS Portal
  Resize virtual disks   Yes, data disks only
  Virtual Disk Snapshots   Yes
  Virtual Disk Clones   Yes, created from snapshot


ARC-P Instances:

Instance Type General Purpose High Performance High Capacity NoSLA
Short Name   H-Series   R-Series   P-Series   L-Series 
Use Cases   Web Server, Directory Server,    Middle Tier Applications, Dev, Test   High IO, Database   Large Footprint Applications,  High IO, Database    Dev, Test 
Maximum Size   16 vCPU 64 GB RAM   16 vCPU 128 GB RAM    32 vCPU 512 GB RAM    Varies 
Backing Technology   Intel IvyBridge 3 Ghz   Intel Haswell 3 Ghz    Intel Haswell 2 Ghz    Varies 
Virtual Networking   200 Mb   >1Gb    >1 Gb    Varies 
Volume Types Available   Archive, Standard   Archive, Standard,    Performance    Archive, Standard,  Performance    Local, Archive 
Regional Disaster Recovery   Yes   Yes   Yes   No 
Zone High Availability   Yes   Yes    Yes    No


Our Work

ARC-P Community & Private  

Our authorized Infrastructure as a Service offering provides a flexible and secure option for government agencies to take advantage of the cost saving and advancements of cloud technology. Autonomic Resources Cloud Platform (ARC-P) is an Infrastructure as a Service cloud solution that provides for physical or virtual machines, as well as other resources. ARC-P is a KVM based cloud system and assures interoperability and support for multiple hypervisor images. Agency virtualized images can be imported and exported from the ARC-P environment at agency request. 



ARCWRX provides developers a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering built on OpenShift by Red Hat. ARCWRX allows users to develop, host, manage, and scale applications in a FedRAMP authorized cloud environment. By moving these technologies to the cloud, developers are not responsible for the underlying cloud infrastructure, security, or business continuity planning of the platform. Developers can manage less and do more!