ARC-P On Premise

Agency On Premise Cloud Solutions from Autonomic Resources 

The ARC-P On Premise solution provides departments and agencies a self-service cloud platform for infrastructure management. Features include automated provisioning, charge-back and quota controls, workload portability between on premise, community and public clouds. This allows agencies to manage their on premise virtualized assets as well as securely connect to FedRAMP accredited cloud service providers, and public clouds, like AWS, from a single management domain. Additionally it will allow for disposable resources, heterogeneous cloud management, and an operational expense model.

 The ARC-P (Autonomic Resources Cloud Platform) IaaS governmentcommunity or private cloud can be replicated on agency premise, providing the same cloud services for physical or virtual machines as are offered from the Autonomic Resources off premise data centers. ARC-P is delivered on premise as a fully managed service as to protect the intellectual property (IP) of our cloud offerings.

The following are what can be included in an ARC-P On Premise offering:

  • ARC-P Community or Private cloud including ability to customize the disaster recovery requirements of the on premise cloud service
  • Ability to provide multi-site cloud services to agency
  • Full accounting and charge back systems to accommodate inter-agency charge back
  • Autonomic security package in hand to allow agency ISSO to provide ARC-P an accredited status for on premise use.
  • Full ticketing and change management systems
  • Multi-factor Authentication that supports agency HSPD-12 CAC/PIV integration requirements


ARC-P Multi-Stack Choice:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization
  • Red Hat OpenStack
  • VMware management and provisioning
  • IBM Smart Cloud (SCO) including capability to virtualize IBM AIX and ZSystems (2014)
  • Private Azure
  • OpenShift by Red Hat PaaS
  • Connections to Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Public Azure (2014)
  • Service Catalogue Front Service Provisioning


Agency costing models available:

  • Agency requirements are matched with ARC-P offerings that will be delivered.
    •  Based on those initial year requirements an agency cloud spend commitment is required for contract start for base and option years.
    • Any utilization beyond minimum commitments are billed on a utility basis back to the agency thereafter
    • All initial build, test, and accreditation services are charged back to agency on a time and material basis in accordance with an agreed upon statement of work.
    • Ongoing support and operational costs are included in the unit of cloud service being provided.
    • Software licensing that the agency will utilize is to be provided by customer or can be supplied by Autonomic resources at additional cost.  


Security Packaging Services Available:

  • Agency ISSO access to existing FedRAMP P-ATO package
  • Agency assistance to assure compliance within agency FISMA and FedRAMP requirements
  • Security Package Gap/Pre Assessments
  • FedRAMP or Agency Application Support
  • Security Package Documentation Development
  • FedRAMP – Project PMO and Interface


Other security Services Available:

  • Provide Continuous Monitoring Strategy and Tactical Tools on a Fixed Price Basis
  • Deploy, manage, and provide ongoing Continuous Monitoring Management and Security Reporting
  • Deployment upon trusted execution technology pools (utilizing Intel TXT technologies)


Other features of ARC-P On Premise:

  • ARC-P is proven government community and private cloud, agency only needs to outline redundancy desired, and capacity to be utilized
  • ARC-P is a defined utility compute offering, no guessing how it will need to be built.
  • No large RFQ/RFP contracting activities required to get agency cloud built and delivered
  • Utilizes open compute standards for greater interoperability with existing on Premise systems
  • 1/3 the cost of Proprietary on premise private cloud builds that use VMware and expensive storage solutions
  • Accelerated time to production since ARC-P as a solution is just being replicated on premise
  • Agency reduces and / or avoids CAPEX spend and justifications
  • Proven security model and practices delivered with cloud environment assuring agency stays in DHS -CDM / GAO compliance 


Additional Info

Utilizing the latest Intel Technology can increase your performance.

ARC-P’s Cloud performance has increased by 96% from using the Generation 2 Intel® Xeon™ Processors to Generation 5 Intel Xeon Processors (Cloud Spectator, LLC). These numbers were derived from the Generation 2 to the Generation 5 performance of floating point math, physics test, intergear math, compression and encryption.

Getting better performance by using the latest technology just makes sense. That’s why ARC-P delivers the benefits of the latest Intel® Technology without you having to pay more. That’s performance you can trust to drive business.


  • More computing power with adaption to spikes in your workload.
  • Fast encryption with Intel® Data Protection Technology (with Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions [AES-NI]
  • Excellent technical computing performance with Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions


  • Pervasive encryption by reducing the associated performance penalties with Intel® Data Protection Technology (with Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions (Intel® AES-NI).
  • Protection on the OS from escalation of privileged attacks with Intel® Platform Protection Technology (with OS Guard).
  • Visibility, control, and compliance by ensuring your cloud workloads run on trusted compute pools , enabled by using Intel® Platform Protection Technology (with Trusted Execution Technology [TXT]

Delivery Model

Fully Managed On Premise Cloud

Contracts Available


(Cloud services and integration services)

DOI – Foundation Cloud
(Available to all civilian & DoD agencies)

See listing of contracts available here 


Agency Accredidation utilizing the ARC-P FedRAMP JAB P-ATO packaging